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The Dark Side of Fairy Tales
Alice in Wonderland
iPhone and iPad Covers
The Shadow of Fairy Tales
T-Shirt 100% cotton
Men and Women
The Dark Side of Fairy Tales
Tonki is recycled cardboard.
All in one piece. No glass. No frames.


The  Dark Side of Fairy Tales, coat and protect your iPhone with a one-piece, impact resistant, flexible plastic hard case featuring an extremely slim profile. iPad and iPad mini Covers for customizing your iPad.


Candy Skull – T-shirts are made with 100%  cotton combed for softness and comfort. T-shirt for Men and Women.
Dressed in fairy tales.


Beautiful prints on cardboard or photografic paper, if you prefer, it can be framed according to taste in various sizes and styles. I suggest baroque frames!

RECYCLED CARDBOARDtonki di cartone

Tonki is made of 100% recycled cardboard, because recycling is a good thing. All in one piece. Tonki is made from a single cardboard sheet. Ecological. No glass.  No frames.  No annoying hooks.

The Dark Side of Fairy Tales
Alice in Wonderland

Fairy Tales LIKE you’VE never thought before

The Dark Side of Fairy Tales,
an evaporated dreams flavoured journey into the underground of unconscious with mummified emotions dressed up in old forgotten tail-coat.
Wild and evil things which are metaphors of rusted fears covered in tears. Cold wind blowing through hollow bones, old tombstones at twilight.
Alice and her journey at the end of darkness, her beloved buddies are now upside down, unknown, timeless.
She's alone with her own deepest fears, with ancient piss and naphthalene flavoured pains.
Magic antropomorphous things with the hollow heads of dead, buried, devoured animals.
The Shadow of a Fairy Tale in the reflection of 8 pictures with the taste of moldy laces, headless dolls, barking of dogs.
The Tale is Alice herself but the taste is black, unknown, the void, the fall in a down under dark world.
Fall in the White Rabbit hole.

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